LHCOCC Board Members and Coaches

Jeanne Holdren, President

Jeanne joined the club in October of 2013 and her first race was as a Novice at Crystal Pier in 2015 and her team took 3rd place.  She joined the club for the physical activity on the Lake, as she enjoys outside exercise during the summer.  She's a Dietician, always lending healthy eating tips to all the paddlers.  

She's a fierce and competitive Seat One, always willing to stroke for any crew.  She became a board member to help the sport she loves.  

Cathy Chandler, Executive Director

Cathy has been an active member of the club since 2014 and she fell in love with the sport because she got to meet new people, gain new friends and exercise; all while on the water.  

She loves finding ways to improve her paddling and steering techniques.  As the Executive Director, she is happy to deal with any club issue and assist in decision making to help the club remain successful and fun for all.

Jan Chisman, Vice President

Originally in Havasu as a Snowbird, Jan discovered outrigger paddling in 2015 and fell in love with the sport. Jan began steering in January 2018 and hasn't looked back since.  She is one of LHCOCC's main steers persons.  

She is a wife, mother and a grandmother of four, and loves to spend time on the water.  She cherishes our special club Ohana and finds paddling a great workout with her friends.  

Jan is a 'go-getter' and thrives on pushing herself to try new things.  Her next outrigger goal is to steer a long course ocean race.  Jan is our most crafty paddler, as she is quite the seamstress and professional card maker.  She has turned the heads of and impressed many paddlers with her handmade covers for all the 'iakos. 





Diane Denny, Treasurer

Diane is one of our original members and joined the club shortly after it was formed in 2006 by David Vidad.  She read an article in the paper about the club and it had photos of the canoes, which she found interesting.  The article invited people to come give it a try.  With her love for being on the water and wanting outdoor exercise, it was a perfect fit.


In 2007, the club became a 501 C3, and was officially recognized as a non-profit organization.  For the first time, officers and board members were elected and bylaws were written for the club.  Diane was elected club Treasurer and she's retained that position ever since.    


Gary Mortimer, Head Coach and Board Member 

Gary joined LHCOCC in 2009. Being a social guy, he thought paddling and racing with friendly people would be more enjoyable than alone on his SUP.

Gary says, "Over the years my participation in the sport and the club evolved seat by seat until I ended up steering from seat 6.  Participating in a variety of open ocean races, including paddling and steering for other clubs, taught me to realize how important it is for all paddlers (every seat) to be well prepared for whatever the ocean/river/lake throws at them.  The canoe listens to the crew working together and responds to that energy in ways that words cannot express."  


Gary created the club's Steersman's Course, which has since been adopted by SCORA.  He is a self taught steersman and enjoys lending his knowledge and experience to anybody that is willing to learn.  He has been instrumental in teaching the majority of the club's steerpersons the art of steering. 





Larry Lutz, Coach and Board Member 

Larry joined LHCOCC in 2015, as a certified personal trainer, he naturally loves sports and competition.  Larry is a family man, with kids and grandkids, and the Ohana spirit is important to him.  

Being a coach allows him to be part of a traditional sport with great members and to provide encouragement, help train and improve his physical conditioning , as well as club paddlers.

When race season and race practices arrive, Larry sets the racer's routines and encourages each racer to push themselves a little bit further each practice, performing at their best.  He consistently provides that positive encouragement that every paddler appreciates.     

Michele Kirkpatrick,  Board Member 

Michele joined the club in May of 2015 and has been in love with everything paddling ever since.  


Her claim to fame is she was recruited for the Iron Champs Women's Short Course only after paddling for three weeks.  She had no idea what she was getting into, but was hooked after that.  Now she's can't wait to retire so she can paddle every day.  



Lani Henschen,  Board Member 

Lani came to Havasu from Ohio, where she worked as a nurse.  She and her husband Mike loved it so much they built a house in the hills.  She was hiking around one day, as she is an avid hiker, and 'saw these strange boats, met David Vidad (our founder) and the entire club."  She has been a member ever since. 

Lani is a super seat one, but she'll paddle in any seat, just to get in the canoe.   

Leona (Lee) Payne, OC2 Coach 

Lee joined LHCOCC in 2009, being very competitive, having 10 years under her belt as a swim coach, racing is her passion.  She loves being a coach because 'it's rewarding to see the smile on a person's face when they achieve their goals."

Lee has been racing with LHCOCC since 2010 and she accredits her racing and coaching skills to one of our original members, Steve Benson (featured in photo with Lee, coming in 1st place-OC 2 Co-Ed  at ADR, 2019.)






Angie Veneroni, Coach

Angie joined the club in 2006, after deciding it was an activity she wanted to be involved in since she loves to work out and loves the water.  She also enjoys team work and Ohana.


She is a Physical Therapist by trade and leads a team stretch before and after practices.


Angie has paddled the Queen Lili race three times, as well as the Catalina 9 man race.  






Ken Smith, Coach

Ken, a retired Naval Officer, says loves paddling because it's great exercise and he has always loved moving a vessel through the water without the power of a machine.  He likes the nice social Ohana as well. 

Ken studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department at U of Michigan Ann Arbor.