General Race Information

Early Registration at 1:00pm Friday at the beach.  


The Lake Havasu City Outrigger Canoe Club (LHCOCC) hosts its 2nd annual outrigger canoe race on     March 20, 2021

Race Fees:  A fee of $25.00 per racer per race will be charged and can be paid at early registration on the beach (Friday evening) or the morning of the race on the beach.  

Race course map review will be conducted at each pre-race meeting.

Safety Boat and course Information:

  • Waive your paddles in the air to alert safety boats in the area if your craft needs assistance. 

  • All safety boats will have an identifying flag and will monitor the racing craft to lend assistance if needed. All safety boats will have radio communication with each other and be equipped with tow lines, reserve life jackets and basic first aid kits.

  • The Lead safety boat will lead the race and identify turn buoys to all racers.

  • A middle safety boat will start each heat using a horn and dropped flag.  They will patrol the lake-side of the course, after the start, and push ahead to mark/monitor the turn buoys after the lead boat makes the turn.

  • Follow the lead safety boat. Do not paddle on the lake-side of the course. Stay between the shoreline and the middle safety boats. If you paddle outside of the designated race course you will be subject to disqualification. Always comply with instructions from any safety boat.

  • The Drag safety boat will patrol behind, or in the proximity of, the last racing craft.