Race Registration

~ Fees are $25 per person, per race ~

OC6 Traditional Long

OC6 Unlimited Long

OC6 Traditional Short

OC6 Unlimited Short

OC1  Long

OC2  Long

Kayak - Short Course

OC1  Short

OC2  Short

Surf Ski - Short Course

SUP Inflatable - Short Course

SUP Hard Board

~Elite SUP~ 

6 Miles

See Race Criteria Below

See Race Criteria Below

Elite SUP Criteria

1.  Board length - 12' 6" or longer.

2.  Single paddler boards only.

3.  Must be a highly experienced paddler with multiple-race experience.

4.  Participants must be able to maintain a minimum average pace of approximately four (4) mph or faster to participate in this race.

5.  Participants must complete the first three (3) miles in 50 minutes or less or be subject to disqualification and immediate turnaround back to start line (safety boat will issue turnaround demand.)

6.  Participants must follow safety boat instructions or be subject to disqualification.

7.  All participants must have a leash and Coast Guard approved life jacket on board.