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Race Teams Qualification Criteria


Potential Racers:   Complete the acknowledgement at the bottom of the page after reading the following race team qualification criteria:

1.    Consistent participation in club activities, including not only race practices but active involvement in as many Club activities as possible. This includes weekly recreational practices, Club General Meetings, and events hosted by the club. This is said with the understanding that not all of us can attend everything because of family and work commitments.  Your coaches also understand and support those of you that choose to participate in only the 7-month racing program but expect active participation during that time.

2.    Keeping up to date on Club dues. The Club depends upon timely payment of dues to pay for insurance costs, SCORA membership, equipment maintenance and purchases, contingency reserves and other expenses important for the continued financial health of this non-profit corporation.

3.    A willingness to listen, learn and improve your paddling skills. And then apply those skills whilst in the canoe. This is a sport that seems so simple at first glance but requires skill, teamwork and determination over the long-term to excel.

4.    A willingness to commit to a high degree of teamwork and to never talk down to or disrespect a fellow team member. Ever.

5.    This is an endurance sport. A consistent improvement in physical ability and conditioning is necessary to perform at a high level.

6.    The effort and ability to blend with the other paddlers in whatever canoe you are placed in or what seat you are assigned to.

7.    A willingness to learn to paddle in every seat in a canoe. This includes basic steering skills.

8.    Consistent participation at race practices.

9.    Years of racing experience counts, but not as much as some might think. Coaches evaluate paddlers on what they see now.  That said, ocean experience counts but is not the final determining factor of who will be in which seat or which canoe.

10.  Emotional Intelligence. The ability to think clearly, wisely and respond appropriately to steering person commands and to communicate and act quickly to a hazard.



Activities that coaches will require race team participants engage in may include individual and team time trials (OC-1, OC-2 or OC-6). Coaches constantly evaluate individuals and groups of paddlers as they participate in workouts out on the water.


Through observation and evaluation the coaches soon gain insight into the individual qualifications, abilities and motivations of their team. And most importantly, how well they blend and match other prospective paddlers assigned to a specific canoe.


Some of the more detailed items that the coaches evaluate as they build individual crews include blending ability, consistency, paddle technique, height, body weight, strength, steering ability/skill/experience, conditioning, and comfort level of individual crew members regarding the race conditions that they will encounter (i.e. weather, length of race, sea conditions, etc.). Outrigger canoe hulls and their crews are highly sensitive to individual crew placement in a variety of conditions.


Your coaches always welcome input from their fellow club members. Respectful and thoughtful conversation can be very helpful in maintaining a fun and competitive racing program.

Thank You Racer!

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